Monday, November 19, 2012


The other night I was hanging out at my other place with one of my very good friends, 350. (pronounced "tree-fiddy") This place is where I generally host parties and we were reminiscing about my very first party, which he was not there for, since I did not know him yet at that time.

At my first party, a friend of mine brought his friend, who I ended up dating, who ended up as an ex.  350 was good friends with my ex, and that's how we had met. When the realization came it was a bit mind blowing. The mutual friend could have easily invited 350 instead of my ex to the party. What would have happened then? Would my ex be one of my best friends now and 350 be nothing more than a high school laugh instead? I think the greatest thing that came from that silly relationship was the fact that I got to meet 350 and my entire group of friends that stemmed from him.

Isn't it strange how things work out? A slight alter in direction could have changed the entire course of a relationship and friendship. Its things like these you can never foretell. There are so many 'what ifs' in life but you can't really dwell on them. You could very well go mad with all the 'what ifs' you may concoct. Its very important to walk confidently in whichever direction you may choose.

I had a fantastic evening with all my friends. (Well, perhaps we all fared better than 350 at the end) Lots of banter about our futures, weddings, and who will own a horse.

Oh and lets not forget singing along with the backstreet boys. I may not know what tomorrow will bring or what may happen in the future. But as long as I get to keep singing along to bsb with Ah-ba, everything will be alright.

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