Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Homemade Stew

Hello! Its been a long time since I've made any posts so I thought I'd make a small one. The other night D had me over and made dinner for me. Coming in from a hot summer day, stew wasn't really the first thing that I had in mind. However it seems stew has a soft spot in his heart (or belly perhaps?) as its a familiar reminder of home. It was very nice that he shared his mom's recipe with me.

I've always thought stews had to be super thick but this broth had a thin consistency, but when you tasted it it was so hearty and full of flavor.

It was served up with a side of cheese biscuits. I was in charge of bringing the biscuits, however at the store they had nothing but these cheese scones, and I figured it was a close enough match. And they did go well with the stew. The beef was nicely cooked: tender and full of flavor.

A simple dinner but I was impressed, he does know how to cook! For dessert we headed across a bridge and found ourselves in Menchies. Menchies is another froyo shop, this one had a variety of different flavours and it was a self serve.


I ended up with the purely tart and a mix of vanilla and chocolate. Loaded it up with cheesecake bits, mangos, and my favourite froyo topping: mochi! Added a dallop of strawberry sauce to it too. It looked like such a mess, I have no talent in making my froyo look good. But it was a great combination and it came out delicious! I can't say the same for D's creation though. He chose vanilla froyo and reese piece's. Seriously?