Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of Desserts

I have the biggest sweet tooth. If I had to pick a favourite meal of the day, dessert would hands down be my favourite. Of course I guess technically its not really a meal by itself. But I think we should, desserts deserve their independence! I'm surprised I haven't featured more dessert spots yet, as I'm willing to go the distance for a good dessert.

Desserts also make the most delectable photographs.

Chocolate Berries Brussels Waffle

I had the chance to try Tealips Cafe in Burnaby. If all the people sitting inside were not a giveaway of its popularity, their use of the fancy vibrating coasters was probably a second. After placing an order we were given one and told to be patient, the wait wasn't so long, but even if it was I wholly forgive them as their waffles looked great.

Matcha & Red Bean Leige Waffle

The red bean and green tea waffle was mine. As wonderful as their plating was, I was disappointed to find that their waffles aren't made in house. These leige waffles are re-heated and slightly too sweet. I had once bought a box that tasted eerily the same from Costco. After the realization of this, the amount I paid made me realize what an incredible mark up it was. The matcha and everything was good, however I don't need to pay someone for a waffle I can buy myself.

I plan on going back again though as I didn't get a chance to try their bubble teas (gasp). I hope they will be good, Tealips is a nice place to hang out in Burnaby.

It was a long time coming but I finally had a chance to try this new soda shop that had opened in my own neighborhood. I had passed by it so many times but never found the right combination of weather/freetime/friend to go with me. Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery is a charming little shop which features nostalgic decor and desserts like those you see in the old movies. I really wanted to say "back in the day" except, I didn't exactly exist then so I can't use that phrase.


The store itself is simplistic and they use charkboard menus. I actually didn't know what a lot of things were in the menu but the owner was happy to explain to me. We ended up ordering a special creation, the Toonerville Treat. It was kind of expensive I believe somewhere around $10, but it was shared between the 2 of us and still destroyed both of us. Plus, the Sundae was amazing.

Toonerville Treat

 The ice cream, caramel, cookies, maltesers, whipped cream and the walnuts made for a party in my mouth. Oh and lets not forget the chocolate fudge. Oh my god their homemade chocolate sauce was delicious. It had a wonderful fudgey texture, chocolateyness and just the right amount of sweetness. I still find myself thinking about it. I've become a convert. I can never pick up a chocolate sundae from Dairy Queen or anywhere else anymore.

(Its actually probably been almost two months between me trying it and actually blogging about it now. It still stands out so vividly in my mind and taste-buds.)

I want to sit at the bar next time!
 The shelves are lined with all the different types of Sodas. I believe they mix and carbonate their sodas on the spot. I really wanted to see it in action, but perhaps next time I'll try ordering a soda... if I can somehow resist a sundae. They also had a variety of different candies that you could also purchase as well.

I'm guessing these candies are from a more vintage era as well as they are not your usual Aero or kit kat bars. The family running the joint were very nice and the kids did a great job managing the till. Super cute too. I think desserts are also my favourite thing to photograph. Lets get another angle of that majestic beast:

Toonerville Treat

Absolutely Destroyed.

I can't wait to go back and try some of their other creations. I'm so happy such a great dessert spot has opened up in my neighborhood. 

Why must desserts taste so good when they are so bad for me. But this is no love hate relationship. Just love. I love desserts.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My friend Winnie made an annoucement that she was making portabello mushroom burgers and zucchini sticks and had an open invitation for anybody that was interested to join her for lunch. Luckily for me I finished work right at the stroke of noon so I jumped at the opportunity. I get to have an afternoon with Winnie and I get lunch made for me. Does it get any better than that?

It does, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Vancouver this weekend. The heat has really picked up but after what felt like a full year of winter and gray rainy days I welcome it with open arms. I arrive at Winnie's house, and it was nice to step into her cool home and out of the warm heat. Now that I think about it, I wonder if she had air conditioning on because the temperature was significantly cooler than outside.

When it comes to cooking, Winnie is so creative and innovative. Well, innovative to me anyways, because she is constantly whipping up different recipes and different dishes. Often its things I've never even fathomed making myself. Today was no exception.

 I'm currently on a diet at the moment (which might explain the halt in food posts) where I'm cutting down on my carb intake. I mentioned that to her and just told her I just won't have the burger bun but I'll eat all the insides. To my surprise, she had modified her burgers and made lettuce wraps instead and made half her zucchini sticks breaded.  She really didn't need to do that but it was so thoughtful that she did! Diets suck hard but supportive friends really make it feel better! For those that go "bah! screw diet! Just eat what you want!" I want to say go to hell, except I probably was one of those people before too.

When I heard mushroom burgers I imagined a steak patty with a mushroom on top, turns out there was no patty but a vegetarian burger. Ugh. What the hell is that right? I was wrong, it was so good. I didn't think a bunch of vegetables trying to call themselves a burger would be so successful.

Our lettuce burgers consisted of a giant organic portabello mushroom topped with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, cheese and mayonnaise. The zucchini sticks was served up with a side of home made taziki sauce. It was delicious. It was light, healthy and surprisingly very filling. I'm always one that prefers my meat and wouldn't even consider the vegetarian options.. so you can take my word when I say its good.