Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Getaway

September has been a super busy month for me. Going to classes 6 days a week and also working on top of those days really has not left room for anything else for me. One thing I couldn't miss was David's birthday. Luckily my one weekend off in the month coincidentally occurred on the actual day of his birthday!

I've never really planned such a birthday adventure before. But after being explicitly told no monetary items I had to be a little more creative. Tossing him a brand name wallet and calling it a day wasn't going to work with this dude. Sure I could have just done the good ol' dinner and a movie. But come on, that's not going to raise any girlfriend bars with that.

Since I only had the weekend we couldn't go very far and I came up with going ATVing in Whistler. I've never done it before but it looked like it would be a lot of fun. Also at this time of year the weather would become crummy but I figured this is something we can do rain or shine.

When we were heading up to Whistler we were driving through some torrential rain that began to put a damper in our minds. Luckily a quick check with the tour company and we were told we would be provided with all the rain gear to keep us dry.

Birthday Boy

We were given these awesome bright and yellow suits to wear that kept us warm and dry. The rain actually made the experience even better. We got to plow through these giant puddles and drive through fantastic muddy trails along blackcomb mountain. We even got to see a bear during our tour! Silly me forgot to bring my camera so I just had my iphone to take photos.

Tiny black dot is a Black Bear!

Whistler black bears are notoriously chill and this one was no exception. The guy barely even raised his head at us as we  rolled on by in our noisy vehicles. Part of the tour was suppose to take us to the top of the mountain to give us the great view:

 Too bad it was so foggy. No worries though, we weren't really there for the view. Been there done that. Plowing through muddy trails and flying over hills on the other hand was something new.

Whistler Village in the Background
You can be given the option to be a ride along passenger instead of driving your own vehicle. But who wants to take the bitch seat? Driving your own ATV is much more fun. There were times when we would have to go up these vertical slopes that were all muddy and I thought there was no way I was going to make it, but my ATV just rolled right up with no problem!

It rained the entire time we were there. But it only made things better. Back at the hotel we got to soak in the outdoor hot tubs, being in the warm bubbly water with the cooling raindrops hitting you is the best feeling ever. Its a good thing we had a soak too, later that evening my arms felt so sore. I had to use them a lot to keep myself from falling off my ATV.

The days leading up to my Birthday get away was horrible. The one weekend I had off was suppose to be meant for working on projects and assignments, so I had to sacrifice much sleep to finish everything ahead of time. In the end I still found myself sitting in my hotel room in the morning typing up the last words to my report before submitting it online. The stress and anxiety of piling everything together was the hardest part. Going away was fun, but I never want to go through that again.

The next evening we came back to Vancouver and my mom had prepared a birthday dinner. David and Alpha actually shared the same birthday so we got to celebrate it together. Every year my mom makes a doggy cake for Alpha and this year was no exception. Luckily for D, she decided to get a separate cake for him. Alpha will probably disagree but I think chocolate cake is much tastier than liver cake.

Happy Birthday to 2 of my favourites!