Sunday, April 14, 2013

Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

It was Sam's Birthday a couple of weeks ago. As with birthday traditions we had originally planned to go out for Birthday Breakfast however I ended up getting called into work, luckily I was off by mid afternoon so we had Birthday lunch instead! Erica was actually available too so I had the pleasure of grabbing lunch on a gorgeous sunny day with two of my favourite people. These two are very special friends to me as they have been by my side through the darkest times, plus they are just all around fantastic human beings and not to mention very good looking. Who wouldn't want to be their friend? But they're my friends. Not yours. Hah.

They also like to correlate their outfits together.

When we went to Wildebeest last time we saw this other funky looking restaurant next to it so we decided to try it. Catch 122 is right beside Wildebeest and sports the same type of rustic looking decor. In fact, I think they share the same brick wall.

When we went in it was pretty dead with only two other tables. Yet with so little tables and three different employees around, it still took us a long time and many attempts before we got someone's attention. At first I thought they were way too overstaffed for a Monday afternoon, but clearly that wasn't the case since service was still so slow.

I opted for a mocha since I was beginning to the feel the after effects of work. It was a good cup of coffee made with full bodied espresso and good quality chocolate. They also served up old school sodas in glass jars, which I thought was very fitting with the theme of the restaurant they had going.

Because Catch122 felt so similiar to Wildebeest, I wondered if they were actually owned by the same owner/company. Haven't figured it out yet, but I'm going to assume no since it just doesn't seem very smart to open two restaurants next to each other. Plus the food did not compare.

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Birthday boy ended up ordering the best dish. I had a bite and it was pretty good. It was a little on the cheesy side but hey we are dealing with a grilled cheese sandwich here. I forgot the name of the sandwich Erica got (below) but I remember it was a vegetarian one. Being a carnivore myself I laughed at how a sandwich can be a sandwich with no meat, no substance. But it did prove me wrong as it was a delicious sandwich. The soup was the daily soup (I forgot what it was now) but that unfortunately was disgusting.

 There actually was a Croque Monsieur on the menu, which I thought was very funny since I had a Croque Madam the last time next door. Perhaps they were married but the  Madam caught the Monsieur with a buttery Croissant and kicked him out.  Yes, sandwiches can have affairs too you know. I was tempted to order it but decided to try something different and settled for the lamb meatball sub. 

You know how sometimes you go to restaurant and everyone orders their meal and you hope yours won't end up being the bad tasting one? Well I was that person that day. My sandwich was just downright disappointing. Meatball subs should be sloppy, messy, and require two hands. This one was a total let down. It was barely warm, didn't have enough sauce and tasted pretty bland.  Honestly Subway's meatball sub gives me better satisfaction and for half the price. Boys, you should never disappoint your woman. I probably just gave that sub self confidence issues now and he'll never be able to perform well again.

Catch 122 has a nice ambiance to it and I enjoyed my lunch there, but it was more so from the company than anything else (read above: awesome friends). Unless you're feeling up for inattentive staff, slow service and overpriced medicore food, I would not recommend it. Better off going to console poor Mrs Croque Madam next door. 

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