Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

I've known my friend Michael since way back in Elementary school. Throughout the years we would always go and hang out together with our group of friends and he would generally be present, except on Sundays. On Sundays Mike was never available because he would be off working and helping at his parent's restaurant. A Chinese Restaurant called Silver Dragon. Now this place was almost like a mythological place to me, not just because of the name. It was just a place I would hear about but have never seen or gone to, much like Atlantis or Five Guys.

So Michael had announced that this weekend was going to be the last day of his parents operating the restaurant because they were going to retire. Mind you, its not that we don't want to support our friend's family business all these years, it was just slightly inconvenient. But seeing that it was our last opportunity to go, we all decided to head out to Silver Dragon for dinner, in White Rock. I honestly don't remember ever going specifically to White Rock for anything besides passing by to go to the States. Our car went a little bit earlier so we could go visit the beach. See, I heard "beach" and decided flip flops were in order, but this place was not so much beach but giant dock. We arrived just on time to catch the sunset.


Train tracks and sunsets, totally looked like a setting for a wongfu production video. It was a pretty romantic location. Luckily I did have a couple on hand to take pictures of.

A train actually did roll through while we were there, which was surprising to me, I didn't think those tracks were still functioning. We also walked down the long dock, and was reminded it wasn't quite summer yet as it got rather cold after the sun had set.

Our Romantic Stroll
It was actually quite the nice area there. Lots of unique looking restaurants along the water as well, if it wasn't so far away I might actually consider going back to try eating at some of those places. After our romantic stroll on the docks we met up with our friends at Silver Dragon. 

With a name like Silver Dragon, and its location out in White Rock, you can probably guess that its a Chinese Restaurant catered to white people. I'm not saying that in an offensive way, I'm just saying it in a sweet and sour pork way. I was surprised though, most of the food did still taste authentically Chinese and didn't have its flavors modified to more of a Western liking. Those chicken wings were my favourite. I can't believe I've been friends with Mike all these years and he's only introduced me to them on the last possible day. What the hell. 

Oh and lets not forget the Smorgasbord! The newest word added to my vocabulary. On Sundays there is the Smorgasbord. What is a smorgasbord you ask? A buffet offering a variety of different foods ranging from ginger chicken to french fries. We opted for the a la carte though and filled our table with too much food. Just the way I like it.

Seeing that we were in such a place of significance, we had to get a group shot outside. See! I wasn't lying. Silver Dragon and its Sunday smorgasbord. I finally got to try it!

Almost everyone managed to make it out, which is sadly becoming a rare occurrence thanks to all of our different schedules.  Angela wasn't able to make it though because she had work. She was actually starting her first day at her new store with her newly promoted position. On the way home we made a stop to visit her in Surrey.

So that concludes the highlight of my Easter weekend. We all drove all the way to White Rock to eat Chinese food. As absurd as it was, it was a great adventure. Thanks Mike for inviting us!

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  1. oh no i never got to try silver dragon:( and i miss you all very very much!