Monday, February 11, 2013

A Sweet Weekend

I had a very nice long weekend. It was the epitome of nonproductivity but sometimes its just the kind of weekend one needs. I'm sure it will come back to bite me in the ass come next week. However I keep telling myself I will get work done tomorrow. I also said that the day before yesterday too.

Anyways, so back in December my broskiis asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said food. So we were going to go have dinner but it never happened. Then January rolls around and he says he wants to take me out for my birthday. So this February I finally got to have my Christmas-Birthday Dinner! I decided to go to this seafood restaurant called Pink Peppercorn. Had been recommended to me a while back from one of my Mom's clients. 

Pink Peppercorn is opened by Eddy, who used to be the head chef at The Cannery. I had always wanted to try that place but never had the opportunity before it closed down. So I was very much looking forward to Pink Peppercorn. The Cannery used to be a very pretty restaurant on a lovely location on the water. Walking into this one, it had the whole tacky seafood decor going on. Giant plastic lobsters and all. That was quickly forgiven though. The service was excellent and the food was amazing.

After placing our orders we were given bread served with lobster oil and balsamic vinaigrette. It was very interesting, never had lobster oil before but it was quite enjoyable. For starters we had oysters and calamari. The oysters were fresh and sweet. It came with this tomato sauce, but I preferred mine with a squirt of lemon and the good ol' tabasco sauce. The calamari was perfectly cooked, not overdone and chewy and it wasn't oily at all. I also ordered the clam chowder, that was the only dish that I didn't like.


For my entree I settled on the Chef's creation of the day. It was a John Dory fish with a side of mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. I wish I paid better attention when they were describing it because I can't remember the type of sauce or seasoning for the fish now. However I don't think the sauce was necessary because the fish was delicious on its own. It was tender and tasted well on its own. Broskiis's dish looked exactly the same but with a different type of fish. I believe he had the arctic char. Mine tasted better. I like it when that happens. However my dish did get trumped:

My sister ordered the Salmon Wellington. A signature dish there. I had eyed it too but since she called it first I went with something else. It was served up with a red wine sauce. This was so good. The pastry was flaky and the fish gave it great texture altogether and it worked well with the sauce. I think I will order this if we go back.

I was very pleased with the meal. Portions were quite big and I was quite content after our meal. However being the (belated) birthday girl I got spoiled a little more. Broskiis agreed to go to one of my happy places for dessert afterwards: True Confections.

I love walking in and seeing cakes the size of my head. For those of you that don't know, my weakness lies in Cheesecakes. Every time I come here, I have to go through an entire struggle and am so torn over what to order. This time it was between an Oreo Cheesecake or a Boston Cream Cake. I love Cheesecakes, but I am quite fond of custard as well. Broskii took me out of my misery and ordered both for me. It was ridiculous. Between the 3 of us we had 4 slices of cake. 

That was his white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and my Boston Cream. Could not take decent pictures with my iphone camera in the low lighting. I'm working on buying a new camera so hopefully I will fill this blog with super nice pictures soon! It was a great evening and we were all so full by the end of the night. I guess the wait for my Christmas Birthday dinner was worth it.

As Carl would say: the next evening I was still gettin' it. C also had promised to take me out for dinner for my birthday but due to many delays we got pushed all the way to February as well. We went out to a hot pot place in Richmond, I forgot the name of it.

It was okay. However there's a much better hot pot place right by my house and it doesn't require driving out to Richmond for. I plan on taking him there next time and show him how its done. After dinner we went to have chocolate fondue at Capstone Tea House!

I went to the downtown location before but it was my first time coming to the Richmond one. It was quaint and the decor was nice. Chocolate fondue is fun but isn't too much of my thing. However I was enjoying myself immensely there that night.

The reason I was enjoying it so much is perhaps for the dorkiest reason. The music they had playing were all of my favourites. They had a final fantasy piano collections album going. I love final fantasy and all their musical scores. Since then I've been listening to it again on my own.

I decided on getting the Cheesecake chocolate fondue. I know I know, more cheesecake. I can't help it. We are served individual chocolate pots, and various fruits, cakes, cheesecake squares and ice cream balls. Oh and 4 different toppings too! We were smart enough to eat the ice cream balls first before they melted. However my cheesecake squares had thawed out near the end and they started to crumble and fall to the bottom of my pot of chocolate.

Chocolate fondues make for the cutest pictures. On their menu there was also a 'all you can eat' fondue. At first I pondered over choosing that, but I'm so glad I didn't. It was a struggle between the two of us to even finish our plates. I can't imagine me to be very happy with myself if I succumbed to endless chocolate. As heavenly as that sounds.

So that was my weekend filled with sweets. I think my birthday celebrations have finally come to an end though. That was a pretty good run! Very grateful for all my wonderful friends. Now after all these sweets, I think I may have to start actually running.

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  1. Wow! That meal looks SO GOOD.

    I'm on a diet at the moment trying to shift some of these winter pounds. This food post isn't helping!

    Hope you are well love, take care xx

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hope you've been keeping up with the diet!

  2. That food looks AMAZING!! Especially the fondue :D Yumyum!!

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.