Sunday, December 2, 2012

On Chicken Pot Pies

One of my favourite dishes used to be chicken pot pie. Used to be. This is a tale of gluttony.

Back when I was younger, before I had the responsibilities of school and all that stuff, I would go back to Asia every summer to spend time with my family there. While we were there we would take road trips to different destinations. My uncle is a man of refined taste and would only choose to stay at the best hotels.

This happened probably when I was 10 years old or so. I don't even remember where we were, but we were staying at another fancy hotel for the night. My cousin and I shared a room. Being the typical brats we were, once we settled in, we would put on the hotel slippers and start racing down the hallways. The fancier hotels always had the nice slippers that didn't break unlike the cheaper paper ones.

Eventually we go into the lobby of the hotel. There was a cafe there with a glass case and inside were a variety of different treats. We ran back to our rooms and asked for money to buy the treats. We were given a $50 bill (This is chinese currency). We go back to the cafe and my cousin chooses a slice of carrot cake and I chose a miniature chicken pot pie. They were $25 each so we had just enough. I don't know why I remember these details so vividly but I do. I loved chicken pot pie, it was delicious.

We run around the hotel some more and eventually come across a separate bakery. Inside were the exact same chicken pot pies, except only for $15. Ridiculous. So we run back and ask for more money. I think my uncle gave us a $100 bill at that point, probably so we would stop going back to bother him. We go back to the bakery and I bought 5 more. I don't remember if I had shared any or not, I really hope I did. Otherwise, I ate half a dozen chicken pot pies.

So back in our hotel room, we pushed both our beds together and so we had a giant bouncy playground. We did whatever the heck kids do and there was a lot of jumping involved. I just remember slowing down, my stupid child-mind not grasping that eating so many pastry flakes would have consequences as it expanded, and eventually just laying on my side, feeling real bad.

I remember feeling bad for an extended period of time before I finally upchucked all of that chicken pot pie goodness.

Ever since then, I have not been able to stomach chicken pot pie. Yes it is a delicious dish of comfort food that really cannot be made wrong and good in every variation. However the smell of it just brings me back to that fateful night and makes me want to gag. Once a while back I thought I was over it and ordered it at a restaurant. Could not handle it. I've forever ruined myself for chicken pot pies.

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